A rigger is a person or company that specializes in the lifting and moving of extremely large or heavy objects, often with the assistance of a crane or derrick.

Riggers tend to be highly specialized to moving jobs that cannot be accomplished by ordinary means and use equipment expressly designed for moving and lifting objects weighing hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds or kilograms in places where ordinary material handling equipment cannot go.

Because of the highly specialized nature of the work riggers do, it is one of the few remaining occupations that can only be learned by apprenticeship.

Training audience

All personnel working with loads and cranes, all trainees expecting to worl offshore, also seamans.

Training duration

The course last for six days and consist:

Day 1.

Hooking, Slinging & Signaling - norwegian certificate (description)

Day 2.

Working on Heights - norwegian certificate (description)

Day 3.

Rigging (offshore)  familirization

Working on heights (offshore) familiarization

Anchor Handling Operations (offshore) familiarization

Day 4.

Hooking/ Signaling - theory, according to polish UDT (Technical Inspection Office)

Day 5.

Hooking/ Signaling - practical training, according to polish UDT (Technical Inspection Office)

Day 6.

Rigging (offshore) self CBT training - norwegian certificate (Seagull)

Working on heights (offshore) self CBT training – norwegian certificate (Seagull)

Anchor Handling Operations self CBT training - norwegian certificate (Seagull)


Regarding to descripton of Day 6. trainings please refer to Rigger Familiarization tab.



Norwegian certificate (plastic card with photo): Hoooking, Slinging & Signaling; Work on Heights

Norwegian diploma: all Day 6. trainings

Certificates in Polish, English, Norwegian - all days.