Anchor Handling Operation it's a e-learning course, delivered by norwegian training company Seagull Maritime AS.

The course covers aspects of an anchor handling operation undertaken by a vessel. Extensive use is made of video, recorded on an anchor handler during an operation to lay out an anchor.
The course shows the vessel preparing in port, then sailing to the rig location where preparations are made for the operation. The anchor is seen being received from the rig and decked to disconnect it from the chain, the chain then being stowed in the vessel’s anchor bins. With the required amount of chain stowed, the chain is broken to add a buoyed wire insert to clear a sub-sea obstruction. Once this is completed the final operation of re-connecting the anchor and deploying it using a buoy pennant is seen.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognise the potential dangers of anchor handling operations
  • Identify the steps necessary to prepare for an anchor handling operation
  • Identify how an anchor is decked
  • List the steps to be followed to lay out an anchor safely
  • List the steps to be followed to position an anchor safely

Training audience

All personell willing/ working at offshore vessels.

Training duration

E-learing, approximately 60 minutes.


Seagull issue accomplishment approval.