Qualifications test approoved by Seagull Maritime AS.

The Crew Evaluation System (CES) is an online assessment tool to evaluate the background knowledge of seafarers, with the objective to identify training needs.

It consists of a question database with over five thousand multiple choice questions, specific to the knowledge areas defined in STCW. CES will assist you in the screening and recruitment process and to measure the knowledge level of existing officers and crew.

It can also be used as an integral part of a promotional strategy.

The test function offers predefined test types with advanced randomisation of questions to avoid users memorising specific tests.


The following tests are available:

• STCW Test, predefined for deck or machine departmens on all levels: support, operational and management
• Detailed Test, predefined
• Company Specific Test, to be defined by your Company

Companies can create their own specific tests by using the editing function available in CES Online. You may develop all new questions or use questions from the existing CES database, or a combination of both.


Training audience

All seagoing applicants.

Training duration

Depending on specification from 30 minutes to couple of hours.


Offshore Training Centre issue certificate in Polish, English or Norwegian language.