Offshore Training in one day ! Norwegian "Norsk Olje og Gass" Certificate based on STCW (equivalent of BOSIET + OLF)

In order to travel offshore and work on the Norwegian Continental Shelf one must complete Norwegian Oil and Gas certificate (ex OLF certificate) which is basic safety and emergency preparedness training organized in Norwegian Oil and Gas (Norsk olje og gass) approved training center.

Working in the offshore industry require from offshore personnel (from catering to the installation managers) to travel to the platforms by supply vessels or helicopters. For that reason the Basic Safety and emergency preparedness training including Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is required for offshore personnel.

Norwegian Oil and Gas Training is in accordance with the “Mutual Acceptance of Basic Safery and Emergency Preparedness Training”Between Norsk olje og gass, Oil&Gas UK, Danish Operators and NOGEPA, including HUET and EBS, EPIM

We offer:

One day Supplementary course (from STCW to Norwegian Oil and Gas) for working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Certificate allows to work also in offshore oil and gas sector in United Kingdom, Netherlands and Denmark without the need to take additional modules.

The course takes place in Stavanger:

- HUET in Solborg Folkehøyskole (location -;

- Escape chute in Tømmerodden, Hundvåg (location -

+ Mandatory BST e-learning course (online)

The e-learning course will ensure that all course participants have acquired basic theoretical knowledge about the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) culture before arriving at the course center

The price of the course is 625 EUR. It includes the training, lunch, certification and transportation between the training locations.

Not included: accommodation and transportation to and from the hotel



Training audience

All personell seeking offshore employment or willing to renew their certificate.

Training duration

1 day (training + exam)


"Norsk Olje og Gass" (ex. OLF) certificate issued by Norwegian SOTS Kurssesenter. Certificate valid for 4 years.

Certificate example