Norwegian is spoken by approximately 5 million people, primarily in Norway, although there are some speakers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the U.K.  It is closely related to Swedish and Danish.

The Norwegian language has two written standards which are quite similar: bokmål and nynorsk. Bokmål is developed from Danish, and nynorsk is based on Norwegian dialects. There are also many dialects spoken in cities and outlying regions which can vary a great deal from place to place.

Currently about 75% of Norwegians use bokmål as their primary written language; somewhat more than 25% use nynorsk. Both written forms of Norwegian are mutually intelligible, and all Norwegians learn both in school. It is also required that all government forms and publications be made available in both languages.

In many cases, knowledge of Norwegian or another Scandinavian language is necessary for getting a job in Norway.

Training audience

Anyone who wants to start work in Norway.

Training duration

40 hours (Level 1).


Offshore Training Centre issues a certificate of training completion.