HSE training of Safe Use of Tools and Machines. Conducted accordingly to frame programme of NOORSI (Norsk Organisasjon for Sikkerhetskompetanse).

Norwegian name of training: "Sikker bruk av farlig verktøy".

The course consist:

  • induction (theory): HSE rooles, tools and machines operating - requirements for empoyees
  • risk assesment (theory): unvanted events, prevention means, risk assesment
  • accidents at the workplace (theory): cause of accidents, accidents consequences, responsibilty
  • rools of safe tools/ machines operating (theory): manuals, appropriate use of tools
  • maintenance of tools and machines (theory)
  • practical training and briefing (practice)
  • exam

Tools/ machines that we train at (shown on certificate):

boltepistol - setting tools

spikerpistol - nailers

drill - drills

kombihammer - impact hammers

borehammer - rotary hammers

freseutstyr - burr grinders

kappsag - table saws

gjerdesag - rotated table saws

håndsirkelsag - circular saws

båndsag - bandsaws

stiksag - jigsaws

kjedesag - chainsaws

høvel - wood working planes

slipeutstyr - grinders

rørbøyer - pipe bending machines


Standard training consist up to 3 tools/machines in price on certificate, if more tools/machines needed, price will be determined individually.


Training audience

All personnel working with hand operated tools/ machines.

Training duration

1 day, 6 hours.


Norwegian certificate in form of plastic card with photo. Valid indifinitely.