Verneombud - Safety Representative

Safety representatives shall be elected at all undertakings.

The number of safety representatives shall be decided according to the size of the undertaking, the nature of the work and working conditions in general. If the undertaking consists of several separate departments or if employees work shifts, at least one safety representative shall generally be elected for each department or shift team.

Working enviromen act Section 6-5.
(1) The employer shall ensure that safety representatives receive the training necessary to enable them to perform their duties in a proper manner. The Ministry may by regulation lay down further requirements regarding such training.

The training is combination 2 days of meeting and internet courses HES Basic module and safety at workplace.

Training audience

Personnel working in land-based industries, the offshore industry and public administration; project managers, line managers, working environment/HSE committee members, safety representatives and project staff.

Training duration

Course last for 16 hours (2 days).


Plastic card, printed in Norway by certified company under Norwegian Labour Code regulations.