Upon completion of the course participant will be competent to safely work at heights, with all hazard awareness. Participants will have the ability to assess the risks and needs required for safe working at heights in their scope of work. They will be able to use their job-specific fall protection equipment with confidence and efficiency, and have the practical skills to use the equipment correctly and safely.

Norwegian language course name: "Arbeid i høyden / fallsikring".

Course consist:

  • legislation about work ("Forskrift om utførelse av arbeid" no 703 Norwegian Labour Inspection)
  • legislation about organization, supervision and cooperation ("Forskrift om organisering, ledelse  og medvirkning",no 1355)
  • legislation about workplace ("Arbeidsplassforskriften", no 1356)
  • legislation about manufacturer ("Produsentforskriften", no 1359)
  • causes of accidents at work at heights
  • work area access control and security
  • risk assesment
  • collective and individual means of protection at work at heights
  • inspection and usage of individual protection gear
  • correct use of personal harness and fall arrest while work at heights
  • behaviour in case of accident

Training audience

People who work at heights on and offshore.

Training duration

One day course in Polish or English language. Practice with different kind of equipment.


Norwegian Certificate of Competency in form of plastic card with photo. Valid indefinitely.

Certificate example

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