Working at Height (Offshore) it's a e-learning course, delivered by norwegian training company Seagull Maritime AS.

The course defines working at height and how to safely access high working places. The correct use of a waist belt safety harness and a full body safety harness, when attached to a fall restraint or a fall arrest system are described. There is information on using cranes to undertake personnel transfer between a vessel and installation. Also featured are high rescue techniques used for a disabled or unconscious person.
The course uses a mixture of case studies, sound, video and images from offshore vessels, to achieve the learning objectives.

Relevant legislations and references: COSWP, MGN 410, EU Directive 2001-45-EC

Learning objectives:

  • State what is meant by working at height
  • Identify the dangers to themselves and others when working at height
  • Identify how to access high work places safely
  • Recognise safe methods of working at height
  • State how harnesses and restraining devices should be used
  • Identify the safe use of man riding devices
  • Identify the steps to be taken to rescue a stranded and possibly unconscious person

Training audience

All personnel willing/ working at offshore sector.

Training duration

E-learning, approximately 60 minutes.


Seagull issue accomplishment approval.